“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

John Lennon

“It would be hard for me to describe what an amazing experience it was to see Kirsten on my birthday. It transcends a typical facial in all ways except the price. The prices are sooooo reasonable!!! She is a healer and you definitely feel that, especially after you leave. I did! My skin was glowing, I felt relaxed, and energetically, something got put back into place that was out of whack. have you ever had a massage that used singing bowls and sound energy therapy? You gotta try it. Her little spa studio is pure serenity.”  –Ash D.


“As a litigator, I often find myself working long hours enduring incredible amounts of stress and anxiety. As a result, my stomach is constantly upset and my body goes into nervous twitches. Kirsten’s healing experience was amazing! During my healing, as I was sitting in her chair, I actually felt my stomach calming down. A few days later, I noticed that I was not experiencing any tics and had no signs of an upset stomach. I will definitely be back for maintenance and upkeep.  Thank you Kirsten so much for your healing hands and loving healing environment.”-Brian Elliot Turnauer

“I’m so pleased by the work Kirsten has done on my skin. I had what appeared to be permanent pimples. It was a big flaw to my look and gave me a much older appearance than my years. All of my previous facialists merely avoided these bumps but Kirsten recognized what they were right away and got rid of them. For the first time in years my skin is now smooth and flawless without those bothersome bumps. I’m looking forward to doing more treatments with her because I know she has the expertise and knowledge and I trust her. Thanks Kirsten!”-Eva Montealegre


“I am writing to you in deepest gratitude and astonishment. As you know I make my living as a make-up artist/hairdresser and overall artist. My eyes are paramount to my ability. I was greatly distressed upon developing an allergy to hairspray, an integral part of my trade. After receiving three treatments of Reflexology from your capable hands, the disorder completely disappeared. I’ve since done hundreds of jobs with nonoccurrence. I am forever in your debt.”    –James Santiago


“The Angel City Healing Spa is a wonderful, tranquil place tucked into the middle of the San Fernando Valley. The healing experience begins the moment I enter the property and see the beautiful herb and vegetable gardens along with this awesome zen-like seating area. My favorite element of the spa, apart from ceremonial marriage bed that anchors the far corner of the room, are the sound bowls which Kirsten plays during facials and body treatments which leave me feeling calm and rejuvenated. The place is truly an oasis in the urban desert!”-Betsy Patterson


“Bringing Healing in the City by an Angel would be the way I would describe my many experiences with Kirsten. Each time brings one to an even better place, a better vibration, even a more complete feeling of wellness with joy. You will be heard, understood, touched, and uplifted in spirit and body; but only if you are willing and wanting to accept such treatment and loving care. I gladly receive from Angel City Healing and most gladly and willingly give in return.”-Ken Laumann