Sprouting Lotus From Seed

Posted on April 6, 2013


Well, I think I’ve done it! I bought several lotus seeds online from Ebay and soaked them in warm water for several days. I changed the water out twice a day and after about 2 days the seeds started to swell and after about 5 days they cracked and I could see some green! They didn’t all go at the same time but I had very good odds. 6 out of the 9 seeds sprouted and I don’t know about you but my pond store charges $100-$200 a plant for adult lotus so I’m all about sprouting my own. Here’s my first green coming out at about 5/6 days of soaking. It’s so exciting and I could literally feel the life force of the little guys waking up! The second picture is a couple of days later after still changing water and soaking twice a day and as you can most of the seeds are sprouting and the little green hooks are coming out. The 3rd picture is when I started getting ready to put them in a pot. I used clay soil, not organic as organic soil will rot. I covered them with a layer of sand and added some fertilizer for water plants. I like to use the stake type as you don’t have to keep adding every 6 weeks. The stake lasts an entire season which is much easier than finding your plants on the bottom of your pond or water garden container to add a fertilizer pellet. Good luck with your lotus sprouting! Love and blessings to all.