Raised Bed Summer Veggies Are Here!

Posted on July 7, 2013

Just when you think you can’t possibly drink another green juice because you’ve been doubling up to use up the last of the winter crops summer veggies are here! It’s time for those raw marinara sauces with zucchini noodles, fresh basil pesto, mexican dishes with lots of pico and plenty of peppers for spice! I’m not sure if anyone out there has gotten portions correct but I always plant too much of several different things and end up having to be creative in order to use them up. This year it’s squash and tomato for the summer season. I wish I had planted more corn and basil….oh well. I’m blessed to have fresh food in the garden everyday! A couple of things I wanted to share were first that ginger is extremely easy to sprout in the garden by cutting a piece off with a nodule and planting it about an inch under the ground. It thrives here in Southern CA. The next thing is that there is a way to get greens in the summer in the warmer climates other than beet tops. Enter Malabar Spinach ort as Burpee calls it, New Zealand Heat Tolerant spinach. It’s a tropical, vine like plant that tastes a bit like spinach and LOVES the heat. I’m putting a picture os it starting out below. I just nibbled my first leaf and it’s really tasty. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer veggies as much as I am!

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