Quantum Pulse Machine

Posted on February 10, 2013

$20  •  1 session


The Quantum Pulse Machine is based on proven technologies and theories pioneered by scientists. It is believed the Quantum Pulse Machine, which was originally called the VIBE Machine, can promote and support general well-being. We have two of these amazing machines at Angel City Healing.

It is universally accepted that every atom in the universe has a frequency. The Quantum Pulse uses a multi-wave oscillator and spectrum tubes containing noble and other gases to create frequencies that fall between the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum range. It also uses a coil to create high voltage and a subtle electromagnetic field. This combination produces biophotonic light. The electromagnetic field is used as a carrier to transmit the frequencies in a radius of approximately 6-8 feet around the machine. The new patented tuning capacitor sits atop the machine and produces alpha waves. The Quantum Pulse produces a 90° phase shift between electrical and electromagnetic fields. The base of the machine is constructed of materials which block electrical fields, but allow electromagnetic fields to flow.

Quantum mechanics is regarded by virtually every professional physicist as the most fundamental framework we have for understanding and describing nature, for the very practical reason that it works; it is “in the nature of things”. It is, in fact, an entity related to both energy and momentum of elementary particles and of photons.