How to Harvest Fresh Peppercorn:

Posted on April 20, 2013

Well this was certainly more of an experiment as it was a project but I’m thrilled with the result. I love anything raw and living from Mother Nature so I’ve been getting more and more into teas and herbs picked fresh and figuring out the best ways to utilize them. What I found with the pepper tree is that the clusters of red need to be dehydrated for quite some time. I would imagine that you could sun dry them but I didn’t so I would research that more. I dehydrated them for quite awhile, probably 24 hours, before removing the skins. I found the best way to get the skins off was to put them in a strainer and roll them around rubbing the skins off. I then rolled the corns out and shook out the red skins and put the corns back in to repeat. You can rub the skins off by hand but it was very time consuming. I was left with a bag of fresh peppercorns for grinding  and marinades full of love and life force. See pictures below and have a blessed day!

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