Cranial Sacral Therapy Los Angeles

Posted on June 16, 2013

I wanted to take a moment to send some gratitude to Gary Strauss and everyone at Life Energy Institute here in Los Angeles for the beautiful blessings they’ve brought to my life. I’ve been taking Cranial Sacral classes with Gary for quite awhile now, as well as getting sessions, and he’s such an amazing teacher that I just want to shout it from the mountain tops or at least from my blog page :). The work truly is in my mind finding a present moment in a place where Heaven meets Earth and it touches me so deeply every time I step into its field. Just like all healing modalities I find Cranial Sacral work to be extremely humbling but for me it was also the missing link I was looking for. It’s very etherial just like most energy systems but it’ can also be very physical depending on the session. What I love most about it is that just by listening to someone’s Cranial Sacral system and observing it the work is being done. The reason that affects me so deeply is because it says to me that all we have to do is be with each other with loving intentions and healing takes place. I can’t explain the feeling of being in the room in that field as it renders me speechless every time but I can say that every time I finish a class with Gary it alters my life in the most profound ways. I was told that when you start to do this work your life will transform immensely and I welcomed the transformation but had no idea what that meant. Now it could be the time and energy on the planet right now which we all know is causing extreme transformation for us all but I feel very strongly that the Cranial Sacral work has played a huge hand in the process. I say this because of my own personal experience as well as what I’ve seen from people who come to me as well as other practitioners. Some how, some way by getting the Cranial System in balance we are creating a fast track connection to our higher self  and the resulting life changes are mind blowing! Now, one could argue that our vibration needed to transform and therefore created a modality to facilitate that which would be truth as the thought form and vibration creates the reality but that’s an entirely different post which involves me recommending What The Bleep-Down The Rabbit Hole (they explain the quantum world much better than I even could). For now I sign off in loving gratitude to Cranial Sacral Therapy, The Life Energy Institute for teaching me this amazing work and to everyone out there who took the time to read this or to come in and try a session. Namaste.